The Golden Yoke is home to cows, sheep, pigs, chickens, cats, and a couple of spoiled dogs. We lovingly refer to the cows as “The Girls” and the happiness and comfort of all ourĀ animals is of the utmost importance.


Beignet – purebred Jersey, 5 years old. Prefers to take life slow & easy.

Twister – Jersey/Holstein cross, 5 years old. Always a hint of mischief in her eyes.

Cascabel – Jersey/Holstein cross, 4 years old. A real big sweetheart.

Helen – Jersey/Holstein cross. 3 year old. Loves love.

Biscuit – purebred Jersey, 3 years old. Beignet’s first calf. Super sweet and very cute.

Bramble – purebred Jersey, 2 years old. Beignet’s 2nd calf. She’s a real looker.

Bijou – Jersey/Normande cross. Beignet’s third calf. Has zebra stripes and the sass to match.

Starfish – purebred Angus. Born 2016. A real goofball.

Sheep in the mobile pen


Beatrice (Bea) – Coopworth, 3 years old.

Margaret (Maggie) – Suffolk-cross, 3 years old.

Mandolin (Mandy) – Suffolk/Friesian. Maggie’s first lamb, 2 years old.

Tilly – Coopworth/Friesian cross. Bea’s 2016 lamb.